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Single Ply Roofing Systems in Eastern North Carolina

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Three Basic Type Systems:

  • Fully Adhered
  • Ballasted
  • Mechanically Fastened


  • TPO Heat Weld Systems
  • PVC Heat Weld Systems
Roofing Contractor Heat Welding - Single Ply Roofing Services in Swansboro, North Carolina
End laps and detail work, such as this detailing being done at an air conditioning curb, are heat welded on the single-ply sections of a cinema and casino roof.
Roofing Contractor Applying End Laps - Single Ply Roofing Services in Swansboro, North Carolina
Single-ply end laps, such as this one, are carefully cleaned to prepare for heat welding the seams.
Contractor Installing PVC Heat Weld Systems - Single Ply Roofing in Swansboro, North Carolina
Installing Genflex polyester reinforced PVC roofing using Genflex Screws and Genflex Plates - aka "Monster Plates"
The Advantage of TPO and PVC Roofing Systems: The bottom line is there's a lot for contractors to like about thermoplastic membranes. Installation advantages include strong, heat-weldable seams, good fire resistance, and labor-saving eight, 10 and 12 foot wide sheets available in a variety of light, energy-saving colors. What's more, roofing manufacturers committed to the thermoplastic roofing market are focusing their considerable resources to add to or improve their existing lines of heat-weldable membranes.
More than anything, thermoplastics membranes are pardon the pun - very flexible. They can be mechanically attached, fully adhered, ballasted, mopped down in hot asphalt (fleece-backed only), or installed as part of a protected membrane roof.
The growth of thermoplastic membranes, and particularly TPOs (thermoplastic polyolefins), has been helped by their popularity in the "big box" new construction market for clients like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Lowes. But thermoplastics aren't just appropriate for large, wide-open roof spaces. In contrast, these heat-weldable systems have been used on some of the most challenging roofing projects.
Nevertheless, thermoplastic roofing systems have become a favorite of many roofing contractors. They have also become the roofing system of choice on many high-profile projects and for difficult applications where their installation flexibility has overcome a variety of roofing challenges.
Worker on roof with electric drill installing tile - Roofing & Construction in Swansboro, North Carolina
  • TPO and PVC are used in high traffic areas, such as deli and restaurant roofs. These systems offer good durability and are not affected by grease or the elements.
  • Cost comparisons: TPO and PVC are both in the same price range.
  • Building Requirements: Metal, wood, or concrete decks. Insulation as required, 1/2 inch overlay.
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